I was part of the team that produced some of the most memorable advertisements and campaigns in the history of Anheuser-Busch, including the Whassup! campaign which garnered the Grand Prix at Cannes.  We also achieved an amazing and unequaled feat by winning the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter poll for best commercial...10 years in a row.

Over the period in which I was involved in marketing Anheuser-Busch products, the company achieved incredible growth, topping a 50% market share, propelling Bud Light to a commanding lead as the number one beer in America and staving off a 10 year decline in Budweiser sales.​


I was one of two people who led the entire Bud.TV project from conception to launch. I performed a wide array of duties including account management, overall budget management, content strategy and personally produced the bulk of the content. Although fraught with legal issues that ultimately spelled its demise, Bud.TV was the first of its kind and ahead of its time.


Link to the definitive NY Times article.