Intel | Microsoft

We partnered with Microsoft to develop Intel’s “Discovered,” a multi-platform branded experience inspired by our target’s entertainment and celebrity obsessions. “Discovered” set out to give our target a taste of stardom. The main attraction was the first-ever branded, full motion interactive film created on Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. Ultrabooks were organically interwoven into the plotline and featured prominently as an integral part of each scene. Fans participate in movie scenes using Kinect technology, placing themselves alongside A-list celebrities as they embody an action film star, celebrity DJ, or a red-carpet supermodel. Other elements included: 1) An original documentary web series featuring 12 celebrities giving tips on their rise to fame 2) Users were driven to the series via editorial links on MSN, creating a natural connection between editorial content and branding 3) A kiosk-based “Discovered” game experience at celebrity and college-focused events 4) “Discovered” themed mobile games.

Intel | Rovio 
Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure

We teamed up with Rovio to bring consumers the biggest property in mobile/social gaming: Angry Birds.  The resulting program, “Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure,” launched at the beginning of August 2012 and lived within Intel’s Facebook page. The game included 10 entirely new Intel-themed levels that integrated Intel “blue” slingshots, Intel core chips, Intel mini circuit boards, and animated visuals of the Ultrabook in each game level.    The game also encouraged users to learn more about the Ultrabook via video embedded into the experience and links through to Intel generated Facebook posts on the Intel timeline promoting the competition, and invited users to share their scores with Intel fans. Posts were turned into Facebook promoted post/sponsored story advertisements where users could play a level within the ad (a first for Facebook) and like/comment on their experience with the game. 

Intel | MTV
Music Experiment

Intel and MTV teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind music series that allowed Intel to connect passionate music fans with their favorite artists.  Dubbed the “Music Experiment,” this series of four, free live concerts was held in secret locations nationwide, all powered by fan activation via Twitter.    Two weeks before each concert, fans visited a media-rich digital hub and were encouraged to tweet #musicexperiment.  When the tweet meter reached 100%, users unlocked a secret location where they could obtain free tickets and information on the venue and show theme.  The hub also engaged fans with original content like artist photos, custom video from each show, and Ultrabook content.   The program was supported with co-branded TV spots that aired on all MTV networks and social extensions on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and MTV’s own blog.   Most importantly, attendees were able to interact with the Ultrabooks via themed experiences at each concert.