Motorola | Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks are becoming an epidemic. On April Fools Day, Motorola had a little fun with mobile culture by faking the release of its new line of “holdables” - the Custom Selfie Stick. Leaning on the customization premise of Moto Maker and the natural materials available for the Moto X, with a grin, Moto entered the #SelfieStick conversation in a meaningful, tongue-in-cheek way.


2016 Shorty Award Winner 

Moto Rokr E8 - Product Launch

During my tenure at Motorola, I was responsible for launching an entire global portfolio of products and produced some of the best work to come out of Motorola since the introduction of the RAZR.  I worked extensively on campaigns for Asia, Europe, India and Latin America.


Establishing the ROKR franchise on the heels of the RAZR was paramount for the company.  The following spot illustrate our efforts.