Office Max | Schooled
For Office Max I co-produced Schooled, a 60 minute branded content piece featuring superstar teen rocker, Jesse McCartney.  The premise was to "punk" an entire class of 8th graders by making them believe they had to pass a test on everything they'd learned since Kindergarten.  Luckily for them the testing was crashed by Jesse, who gave a private concert for the kids.  The show, which was only supposed to air online, was such a success that ABC Family chose to run it on their network in Prime Time. 

Office Max | TUL Pens
For the launch of Office Max's new line of TUL pens, I produced a multi-media, interactive website centered around a "faux" graphologist.  2.5 million pre-paid postcards were placed in a selection of progressive magazines with the purpose of encouraging readers to send in their signatures for a hand writing analysis.  Readers could then login to our experience and our own Dr. Ackerman delivered a hilarious set of findings.